Twin Leather Crew Member – Jessie Filtrante Coughlin

A few years ago Richmond Castano Sr. drafted me into making bird toys with him one weekend and I have been creating toys for birds ever since. Richmond Sr, affectionately called Twinny raised a crew of artists kids, so he knew that sending me into a room with a bunch of leather parts and leaving me alone a few hours would send me into a frenzy of creativity. Either that or he wanted to get me out of his one or two hairs for awhile. I researched everything I could find about Parrots, and I made big tough toys for big birds to tear up! But I did not consider the Parakeet/Budgie very often. The more I read about parrots the more I longed to have one. I watched every video of clever parrots that I could find. My apartment is too confined to share with a big noisy bird, but perfect for a couple of budgies! So now I am Ma Keet to a pair of feathery delinquents! My training in behavior modification science gave me a bit of a clue how to discourage unwanted behaviors like biting with my birds. I realized however, that the behaviors that come naturally to birds but are destructive to my good stuff might require a bird/human compromise! Safety ! Safety ! Safety ! PLANTS are in danger with birds around – was lesson one for me ! I have to make sure that the plants they are tearing up are safe for them, and remove plants that I don’t want them to tear up from their area. I decided that I would just give them their own plants and let them be birds! I want them to be as free as I can possibly allow them to be. I created for them a jungle in a box, a foraging playground! Environmental challenges, and conveniences! Happy Little Budgies they are and Life is good in Bird Land!